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50/50 and Shoulder Sankaku

This cross-strike mode can be seen as a matrix for the upper body.
It is expected to become a hot spot in the future, you can learn it in advance

2020-2022 Competition Highlights from Faunus


Lasso Sweep and berimbolo

This is one of the most commonly used penetrations for my Shoulder Triangle Cross Fixation System. It will be a little complicated, but it can reflect some of my jiu-jitsu ideas.
Later I will update some steps to be easier and more ornamental to break into.

Difference between shoulder sankaku armbar and normal armbar

The term shoulder triangle was first coined by Danaher as a breaking pattern in his ETS cross-solid teaching. But what he didn't emphasize is that the shoulder triangle pattern also makes the penetration of the cross solid more possible.In recent months at the Unity jiu-jitsu gym in New York, I tried to explore this possibility and developed the shoulder triangle cross into a more reliable offensive system. As a brand new idea, its effect in actual combat is comparable to my berimbolo holding back system.Next, I will release more content related to the shoulder triangle cross solid, so stay tuned.

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